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VBurchett Consulting is a healthcare consulting firm that specializes in creating strong care management programs through applied population health analytics and efficient implementation. In this endeavor, VBurchett strengthens chronic conditions management programs through the integration of a variety of technologies and the optimization of EHRs. 

Creating strong partnerships, VBurchett is at the intersection of cutting-edge technology and patient-centered care models. Strong, statistically valid analytics and practices are rooted in evidence-based medicine and industry best practices and executed with the intent of increasing patient and provider satisfaction, better patient health outcomes and stronger ROIs. VBurchett Associates apply a deep knowledge of healthcare systems and patient-centered value-based care models. 

In addition, VBurchett provides the entire spectrum of training and on-boarding of technology and techniques that develop meaningful patient/provider engagements and more efficient well-coordinated healthcare teams. With the application of new and old technologies and the integration of clinic/hospital workflow redesign, greater efficiencies are gained and stronger ROIs are realized. 


Emerging Technologies

Working with our partners in the medical technology and biotech industries, we continue to implement new technology while enhancing the effectiveness of monitoring and managing chronic conditions care programs. Early disease detection and treatment are a focus for us and our global partners.

The list of our partners continues to grow as we integrate our collective knowledge to provide patient-centered care and improve the lives of individuals, families, and communities.

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