Wellness & Financial Services


Our Team

Established in 1994 by principals Larry Laskin and Gary Fegan, MCR Financial is a financial services firm based in Rockville, MD. With over 100 years of combined experience in the financial services industry, we assist individuals and businesses in building wealth, protecting their assets and attaining their financial goals. Our clients benefit in multiple dimensions of their financial life including insurance planning, retirement funding, college savings, and investment management. Our focus is to provide you with the guidance and products necessary to achieve financial well-being. 

We also provide experienced leadership in the Group Health Insurance Market providing extra services in the area of population health and wellness.

Group Health Insurance Benefits

MCR Financial has been offering group benefits since 1994. Our groups range in size from as small as 2 and as large as 3,000 employees. Throughout the year we work closely with our clients to thoroughly understand their goals, needs and objectives. We offer all available options to ensure that you get the best plans at the lowest rates available.

We do this through continually evaluating your groups trends and progress toward healthier outcomes. In 2015, we added Virginia Burchett, MPH to our team. This gave us the expertise necessary to advise our group's on effective ways to partner with their health plans and improve the health outcomes of the members they serve. 

We also insure one of the largest hospitals in the D.C. region, and they have placed their trust in us since 1999. This is a testament to our service and commitment to our clients. And with their partnership, we’ve consistently maintained a rate increase under the national average saving the health system millions of dollars in premiums over the past 10 years and counting. 

The following are the services we provide to each of our clients: 


  • We work closely with health plans to secure the lowest rates possible. For our largest client, we were able to negotiate rates with the average increase at only 3.28%, well below the national average. In fact, over the last five years, through our extensive negotiations, the total increase was only 3.4%. (Average of 0.68%).
  • Work closely with health plans to adjudicate claims, grievances, billing and enrollment issues as well as other problems that may arise.
  • Process legal and reporting needs for our clients including the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, Same Sex Benefits Compliance and other legal reporting and compliance issues. 


  • Open Enrollment  - We work closely with the health plan and client to schedule daily meetings for employees during this very important week. This includes physician speakers and materials specifically created for this event.
  • New Employee Orientation – Attend bi-weekly meetings and provide slides and handouts for employees 
  • Benefits Fairs – Attend and provide assistance at various events throughout the year that includes wellness, benefits and financial advice.
  • Regularly attend meetings with C-Suite decision makers providing key information for financial and strategic planning.   

Population Health & Employee Wellness Program

Unlike other insurance brokers, we also provide population health, wellness and chronic conditions management services. We’ve employed our own expert in the field, Virginia Burchett MPH, to help you utilize existing resources and analytics and discover the capacity for your organization to build a complete wellness program. Over the past five years, we’ve consistently generated amazing results for our clients by insisting that their health plans deliver patient-centric value-based care that not only creates healthier employees, but also drives the cost of healthcare down for everyone. In as little as a year, you too can see real results for your employees.

Bringing It All Together

We've had great success working in partnership with our largest and smallest groups and their chosen health plans. We are confident that together we can do the same for you.