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To provide the best in Remote Patient Monitoring, we partner with leading companies in the delivery of integrated remote patient monitoring solutions. With our combined expertise, we and our RPM partners are able to innovate technology and deliver outstanding results for our clients. It is not a one size fits all approach. We deliver personalized care in developing RPM strategies that meet the specific needs of each client.

We offer a robust ecosystem of technology and services enabling a simplified provider and patient experience. With our combined experience, we assist clients in the integration of  biometric data collected by the patient and transmitted securely to providers, case managers, and the patients’ Electronic Medical Record or care plan. This allows the entire care team to access timely and relevant data to improve coordination of care and the management of chronic conditions.

Through a unique end-to-end platform complete with a range of devices and level of integration options, we support the active management of health and wellness in patient populations effectively enabling a flexible service for all kinds of patient needs including aging in place strategies. Our remote patient monitoring partners have  established themselves as industry leaders through an unwavering focus on thoughtful innovation that gets results. 

VBurchett's unique position in the industry is based on five fundamental pillars:

  • Patient friendly devices that support patient adoption and program scalability
  • Flexible connectivity options
  • Full bidirectional integration of patient biometric data across the continuum of care 
  • Proven Return on Investment 
  • Improved health outcomes rooted in evidenced-based standards of care

Our remote patient monitoring partners are leaders who have a long history in the industry. Together, we deliver timely health information through services and devices that are secure, reliable, mobile and customizable.  Designed for individuals with chronic conditions, our devices are patient friendly and simple to install.  Features include: 

  • Cellular, Bluetooth, "plug 'n go" system; no cables, computer, or WiFi necessary
  • Devices are FDA 510 (k) cleared and ISO certified
  • Secure and open technology platform that supports customization and integration with existing systems; clinicians manage patients from their EMR or care management platform

We understand that reliability of patient readings is key to timely validation and intervention. Multiple connection pathways are offered to suit both urban and rural patients.

  • Cellular Hub supporting top carriers
  • Ethernet and POTS Hub 

Remote Patient Monitoring supported programs range from readmission reduction to employee health. Common program types include:

  • Health System or Hospital: 30/60 day heart failure, pneumonia, or COPD reduction
  • Payor: Chronic condition management to reduce overall costs
  • Employer: Diabetes, hypertension, and asthma management to reduce costs and improve employee health 
  • Pediatrics: Cardiomyopathy and asthma management to reduce ED visits
  • Home Health: Readmission reduction or Medicaid Chronic condition management to support local hospitals and providers
  • Research: Biometrics associated with a clinical trial

Currently, we have RPM Pojects that are integrated into Telemedicine and chronic conditions management programs underway in the United States and Asia.

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