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At Virginia Burchett Consulting, you will find a dedicated team of experts able to inform, engage and inspire others on a variety of topics. Skilled in the art of communication, curricula design and public speaking, members of our team present in a variety of venues that engage others in the mission of transforming the delivery of healthcare and the way our world works. With roots in conflict resolution, international business, technology, public policy, healthcare reform, finance, leadership development, executive coaching and behavioral science, we are able to deliver an integrated and customized approach to the varied needs of our clients.

Virginia Burchett, MPH

In addition to being the founder of Virginia Burchett Consulting, Virginia is an accomplished speaker and educator. She is always available to inspire others to find and cultivate their own unique gifts to ignite their purpose within.

Virginia is a known healthcare leader with the ability to draw on a broad network of individuals with expertise in every area of healthcare. She leads with a spirit of excellence focused on collaboration and partnership. An expert in behavioral change modalities such as Motivational Interviewing, Brief Negotiation and Stages of Change, Virginia is a seasoned and sought-after patient engagement expert facilitating many physician/clinic staff training programs. 


A skilled strategic and innovative thinker, Virginia is always looking for new ways to transform and redesign workflows and healthcare operations toward greater efficiency, reduced cost, higher patient satisfaction and better health outcomes. Implementing new technologies compliments her skill-set and knowledge as she collaborates with others to transform health care at every level. 

For over 25 years, Virginia has worked in clinics closely with physicians, RN’s, MA’s and case managers on a range of health initiatives. She has developed leadership and training curricula for these teams on a variety of issues including engagement models to inform and empower patients toward positive behavior change.      

Workshops & CMEs

Executive Leadership & Clinical Care Team Training

“The Biggest US Healthcare Challenges are Management Challenges”

         Paul Merrild

Population Health & Care Management Program Development Workshop

The rapidly expanding growth of value-based care programs has created an atmosphere for payors and providers to capitalize on opportunities to transform the delivery of healthcare and implement innovative approaches to delivering comprehensive and robust population health programs. Challenges are also present as public policy continues to push for greater patient and community engagement changing the landscape of how healthcare is delivered, incentivized and evaluated. 

At the intersection of this movement lies a roadmap for implementing programs that are predicated on greater efficiencies through improved technology, collaboration and partnerships. The goal of this workshop is to assist attendees in identifying ways to implement value-based care initiatives into their organizations existing structure in a manner that drives up greater patient engagement, improved health outcomes and efficiencies. In the course of the workshop, participants will explore successful population health models with examples of integration across the continuum of care enabling attendees to begin constructing the means for implementing or growing a population health program that optimizes resources and supports value-based care initiatives.

Learning Objectives

1.  Identify elements of a successful population health program

2. Conceptually apply those elements to his/her unique organizational structure

3. Outline a brief road map of simple steps for implementing those elements with a list of key stakeholders within and outside his/her organization 

Behavior Change Patient Engagement Specialist Training

An abbreviated format of a one month program. With this program, we will facilitate a “fast track” course where students will receive a certificate of completion of an official Behavior Change Specialist course.

This program is highly interactive deploying group style and individual rapid improvement process techniques to ensure that the team members are learning through actual engagement and self-assessment. We will come onsite for two training days - four hours and three hours. We train groups of 5 to 15 students. Course materials are be provided. After the initial first week of intense training, your personal facilitator will follow up with another six hours of onsite training that will end with assessing the competence of each team member using a skills assessment tool. This tool will highlight areas of improvement for each member of the team and serves as a baseline for improvement and achieving Specialist designation.

The entire process and content for training is delivered by a trained Behavior Specialist to ensure that teams are skilled in a patient-centered shared decision-making (PC/SDM) model of engagement and behavior change.

Optimizing Clinical Care Teams

Creating highly effective clinical care teams is at the heart of providing excellent care and service to patients. We've brought together an international team of experts in the field of Executive Coaching with the sole purpose of delivering clinically specific, world class Leadership, Management and Employee Engagement coaching programs that drive quantifiable results.

Three simple, clear, effective programs have been developed to provide Senior and Middle Management team members, across the American clinical sector, with personal and team development focused learning.

The programs will be delivered via video conference and classroom focused options.


This practical tool kit of learning is direct and simple to use. The programs are carefully designed to stay true to the simple truth that the simplest, clearest, least complicated path is the right path.


They are guaranteed to be easily applicable and effective; designed to support high caliber, pressured professionals operating in even in the most intense of healthcare environments.

Programm Features and Benefits

1.  Want to be a Leader? Learn How to Manage...

  • Understanding the difference between L and M
  • Understand what it means to be a great Leader

2.  Hearts and minds…

  • Define your Leadership style and how to inspire your team
  • Understand the practical difference between L and M
  • By default, have you been a leader or a manager to this point?

3.  Getting Specific with your team…

  • How the great managers operate
  • Clear communication, striving for ‘no miss-understandings’

Your simple Five step tool kit to management…

  • Set, focus, measure, support, reward

The Blue Print for Success…

  • The key to team alignment
  • The key to focused daily behaviour

Engagement is everything…

  • The intense need for results is exactly why we often don’t achieve them


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