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New policies and reimbursement structures are demanding greater efficiencies in the delivery of healthcare. Our team understands that well-placed technology coupled with quality of care initiatives drives  value-based patient-centric care across the continuum of care. To meet the growing need for technology to interface and drive higher quality of care, service and better health outcomes, innovative approaches are needed.

Under the leadership of Eric Odero, Systems Integration Expert, we assist organizations in determining their individual Healthcare IT needs. We consider every aspect of your healthcare delivery system in our opportunity assessment to ensure that you are meeting new reimbursement models and quality standards of care. To get you over the finish line, we also provide an additional element to our services - experienced and top-of-class implementation and training. 

To this end, we provide the following services:

1. An opportunity assessment with a high level IT system integration review that considers your EMR, care plans, and billing

2. Selection of appropriate IT solutions meeting your organization's specific needs and initiatives that includes single-sign-on, interfaces and interoperabilty. 

3. Assist in the development of a strategic plan and implementation process that includes workflow redesign to optimize services

4. Project management oversight and management of operations for end-user training workshops in multiple facilities

5. Design appropriate curricula, training schedules and reporting

6. Recruit, train and manage credentialed trainers for end-ser training and physician personalization labs, and operations including the coordination of all training facilities' logistics, equipment, and resources necessary for training

The Systems Integration Team at Virginia Burchett Consulting is confident that like other organizations we've partnered with, you too can apply new innovative approaches that will allow you to deliver cost-effective value-based care that is patient-centric allowing you to care for the whole person and achieve a higher level of coordination of care for the patients you serve. 

Healthcare Technology


EMR & Health IT Systems Integration

Many experts assert that care coordination across the continuum of care is essential to improving the quality and accessibility of care.  Creating interoperable health IT ecosystems that provide data sharing among organizations will allow for the delivery of care to be tailored to the needs of individual patients. To this end, healthcare IT systems need to be evaluated in a systematic and outcomes driven manner to deploy effective population health management tools that include both prevention and the management of chronic conditions all with the intent of coordinating patient care and improving health outcomes.

The amount of healthcare data is increasing exponentially making the need for safe, secure data exchange essential. Providers need to be able to have access to all the pieces that contribute to the larger picture of a patient’s health. This is where systems integration comes in. Without appropriate interfaces, API’s, interoperability and the ability to share data and workflow differences, organizations have trouble succeeding in delivering quality, timely care to their patients.  

Organizations that innovate and forge new alliances with technology and services to transform traditional medicine will survive the movement toward cost-containment initiatives. These organizations will also position themselves to meet the regulatory standards that appear to be unachievable today.  

Our Services

We’ve created a Systems Integration and Implementation service that is fully customized to your organization’s needs. Our dedicated and knowledgeable team will work with you through an innovative project management approach that will allow you to build upon the current system you have and capitalize on new innovations in the industry.  With this offering, you receive the following:

Clinical Informatics Integration Epic Systems

  • In collaboration with IT team, provide system review and gap analysis · Lead decision making process with departments to meet their EHR clinical needs
  • Provide technical expertise on Epic Systems clinical content consultations
  • Help coordinate upgrade to systems
  • Provide system management in the delivery of solutions and technical implementation
  • Assist in the implementation of clinical content review processes to assure consistency, efficiency and system integration  

Workflow Efficiency Analysis

  • Evaluate and redesign clinical workflows per specialty needs and facility guidelines
  • Provide consultation to end users on system design, workflow redesign and charge capture including long-term support
  • Develop and maintain collaborative relationships with end users and other consulting resources
  • Identify and assist in the implementation of application enhancements and System down-time as well as System post-implementation issues   

Physician & Clinical Staff Training


Physician Personalization Labs

  • Manage Physician Personalization Lab coaching
  • Coordinate Physician EMR absorption meetings
  • Design and Manages the Epic Physician Personalization Labs
  • Develop and track Physician Personalization Lab schedules and Physician Educator coaching assignments

EMR Implementation Support

  • Manage pre-and post-implementation operations strategies
  • Lead decision making within the organization to tailor systems to meet clinical needs 
  • Provide continuous progress monitoring with corrective actions
  • Provide EMR implementation and build analysts for all EPIC systems modules through entire project life circles 
  • Assist the facility compliance team to reinforce of Meaningful Use implementation requirements
  • Provides ATE (At The Elbow) GO Live support teams for EPIC implementations 

EMR Training Pre-and-Post-Go Live

  • Recruit teams of credentialed EPIC system trainers
  • Facilitate Pre-and Post-Go Live demonstrations and training to end users including Physicians, Nurses, Medical Assistants and hospital department Managers
  • Provide training curriculum reviews and enhancement
  • Manage and coordinate the training logistics, equipment, and all necessary resources 
  • Provide proper provider training, grading, data administration, documentation, tracking and reporting that ensure successful system implementation

STS Program

  • Develop physician training project plans
  • Manage and lead specialty specific physician educator curriculum reviews
  • Coordinate and lead physician educator recruitment “kick-offs” and introduction to the STS program
  • Provide expertise on various training techniques to the Physician Educators and Principle Trainers
  • Manage training logistics by ensuring accurate class allocation, physician schedules and end user registration in Learning Management Systems
  • Generate relevant progress reports for hospital executives     

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