Proactive Patient Engagement Platform

Proactive Patient Engagement Contact Centers, Behavior Change Specialist

Our Solution

With experts in the field of Chronic Conditions Management, VBurchett provides the only fully integrated proactive engagement platform. This platform includes remote patient monitoring that is integrated with most EMR's including Cerner and Epic, dynamic regulatory compliant care plans for behavioral health, chronic conditions management, transitional care, and annual wellness visits. Also integrated into the platform is a fully functioning telemedicine/unified communications technology with over 19 million users worldwide and a virtual call center of certified behavior change specialists.   


Under the direction of our technology team, we are dedicated to serving our clients and identifying opportunities to capitalize on system integrations and the addition of new technologies that allow for seamless workflows, documentation and high levels of engagement with patients. We add value to the patient's care team with a number of functions including 24/7 nurse triage, chronic conditions management, behavioral health, annual wellness visits, advanced care planning, transitional care and telemedicine. We also pay close attention to the incorporation of unified communications, allowing for every kind of exchange with patients to be recorded, tracked and billed. With our integrated tools, we extend care to patients in ways that optimize opportunities for lowering hospital readmission rates, better health outcomes and satisfaction of patients, increased revenue, and higher MIPS/MACRA scores. 

Patient Engagement Center

VBurchett Consulting has our own virtual call center with trained Behavior Change Specialist able to accommodate patients and clients across the continuum of care. Some of these services include 24/7 Nurse Triage, telemedicine, chronic conditions management, remote patient monitoring and alert validation/escalation. 


Our team has over 30 years of experience training health coaches, nurses, physicians and nonclinical team members in the delivery of life-changing patient-centered engagement. Delivering courses in behavior change modalities, we specialize in addressing the needs of patients with chronic conditions or who are in need of immediate medical advice. Working with our technology partners, we also provide full implementation services and on-boarding of technology included in the prices of the technology. We continue this relationship with clients with continual education and support ensuring every team and every team member is proficient in the use of technology and trained with the ability to engage patients in their care. We ensure quality service providing direct certification of all of our behavior change specialists.

Bringing It All Together

With a deep understanding of patient-centric engagement and partnerships with the best in remote patient monitoring, care management, telemedicine and unified communications, we deliver a personalized solution allowing clients to reach patients and members of the care team with the most sophisticated and flexible communications bringing value to their current structure while innovating the entire solution.

Telemedicine & Unified Communications

Telemedicine, Unified Communications, Remote Patient Monitoring

Our Solution - Over 19 Million Users and 30 years of experience

VBurchett Consulting is a healthcare technology and implementation company based with the mission of making care management easier to perform by unifying the healthcare community around patient-centered care.

Our team of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals connect technologies with world-class implementation and strategy to enable clients to maximize reimbursements, value-based care and risk-sharing revenues as well as maximize patient, professional and caregiver engagement, wherever they are in the world.

Give us your problem and we will solve it

We built our Telemedicine/Unified Communications to be a flexible and integrated tool that addresses the communications problems you have. Whether you are a large scale insurer, a hospital system, a network of providers or an ACO looking to boost communications between your professionals, 

  1. Completely unify communications
  2. Build communities and meaningful engagements
  3. Provide the best in care management technology and systems integration that will suit your individual needs
  4. Optimize your EMR and workflows
  5. Improve quality of care
  6. Reduce costs and provide "expert" billing services with auditing and recovery of revenue services included
  7. Generate revenue and manage patient engagement

Product Differentiators

  1. Real-time RPM alerts and patient activiation with one fee
  2. Platform completely integrated with automated billing capabilities
  3. No additional RPM monitoring fees
  4. Virtual Patient Engagement Centers staffed with certified Behavior Change Specialists
  5. Integrated platform drives engagement on all programs enhancing the physician’s revenue stream (CCM, Complex, BHI, and Transitional - to name a few).
  6. Over 19 million users of the Telemedicine/UC technology worldwide
  7. RPM integrated with Epic, Cerner and the care plan



VB_RSCB_Telemedicine_v1.02 (pdf)


This Is The Solution

Telemedicine, Unified Communications, Telemedicine

An integrated, fully unified, end-to-end solution that provides referral optimization and patient segmentation to reduce RAF scores, decrease penalties and target at-risk complex patients. This allows for a significant reduction in hospital readmission rates, ER visits and episodic care in addition to increasing practice revenue.

  1. Unified Communications 
  2. Chronic Care Management 
  3. Implementation
  4. Remote Patient Monitoring
  5. Full Patient Engagement Center
  6. Systems Integration
  7. Analytics
  8. Consultancy

Automated Patient Engagement


End to End Solution Description

With the latest patient engagement technology, VBurchett and Associates/Partners are able to operationalize social determinants of health data by providing advanced outreach and patient engagement. With this technology, stronger analytics are gathered and metrics developed with the intent of improving health outcomes and stronger ROI's. 

More specifically, the Automated Patient Engagement Platform will bring enhancements to the website, digital presence and the ability to manage leads and engage current and future customers. It maximizes the patient's experience. Furthermore, using VBurchett suite of technologies and knowledge of population health, patient-centered engagement models, systems integration and clinic/hospital workflow redesign and implementation, a complete solution is brought to the client that enables strong patient engagement, outreach, and quality metrics/performance tracking. This is done with the purpose of generating actionable analytics/metrics, producing improved health outcomes, higher patient/provider engagement and stronger ROI's

The entire solution allows clients to outreach to patients in a dynamic fashion that is both personal yet automated. How is this done? Working with our technology partners that provide Big Data and population health technology to create a robust and complete profile of each patient, we are able to build a complete profile of each patient. We then sort and filter that data based on a patient's clinical needs and documented behaviors. This entire system is HIPAA compliant using firewall technology and the best in patient information protection. Much like taking the ocean and creating a pond of information and using the most sophisticated Automated Patient Engagement Platform, we outreach to groups of patients targeting pre-identified specific needs that are a part of the care management of various conditions and diseases. This is the best in population health, and disease prevention/management

With these capabilities, our team is able to target specific behaviors or chronic conditions that are important to quality metrics, payment programs and/or an organization's specific initiatives. Chronic care management, diabetes, Medicare/Medicaid programs, child obesity or food disparities are all examples of areas that can be targeted for outreach. To create a full solution that allows for targeted campaigns and the management of chronic conditions, we've created a full service Patient Engagement Center staffed with fully trained and credentialed Behavior Change Specialists who use the best in Unified Communications, Telemedicine and Remote Patient Monitoring.

Use Case Scenario

The application of this technology and the entire solution can be applied to individual clinics or larger enterprises wanting to reach their patient panel in an automated yet dynamic, patient-centered manner.  By installing this system, doctors are able to automate the front end of on-boarding i.e welcome emails, initial tips etc. The automated engagement tool can be integrated into EHRs, Care Management Solutions, Blockchain and AI technology. Patient's can be redirected to specific websites and other social media enterprises.


Once the patient information is loaded into the system, groups can be broken down into an unlimited amount of social determinants or clinical indicators. This can be used to conduct sophisticated targeted campaigns based on those determinants i.e offers on certain medication, community events or locations for activities. Extensive reporting and “calls to action” management will generate an increase in website performance and overall customer experience as they interact with the organization/brand. Care management programs will also be able to utilize these functions as they engage with patients. Flexibility around task setting inside the system and the ability to email patients from inside the HIPAA compliant system means a large amount of time will be saved. To provide greater application of these technologies and entire solution, each organization is given their own account manager. This highly skilled individual and member of the VBurchett team will provide analytics review and implementation exploring the ways the solution can make each practice, clinic or larger enterprise more efficient in outreaching patients. 

We are able to provide full walkthroughs of the software and have developers available to speak directly to your technology team. 

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