Compliance Programs For Providers

Compliance Programs for Physicians, Health System and Health Care Organizations

Compliance in 2020

In 2014 the government mandated that all health care providers implement a compliance program. To date, many providers still have not created that program and if they have, are not auditing their program or adapting their program to current 2020 standards.

Compliance is a process and an important and mandatory part of providing medical services. For this reason, VBurchett has partnered with Recovery Specialist and created an easy step-by-step process to assist providers, practices, and organizations in creating their compliance program. This includes regular quarterly audits with standard checklists and templates that are updated routinely

Compliance is a process and we are excited to partner with you as you continue to be and stay compliant. With our accredited coders and auditors, we will assist you and your organization in this important endeavor.