Executive Team


Virginia Burchett, MPH

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of VBurchett Consulting, Virginia is a healthcare professional with a proven ability to build relationships through collaboration and partnerships within and outside of the healthcare industry. With over 25 years of experience working for Kaiser Permanente, she has a deep knowledge of managed healthcare centered around value-based care and shared risk programs. 

In leadership roles, Virginia designed and delivered organizational talent effectiveness programs and created mentoring programs at colleges for students pursuing careers in healthcare including those serving in the military.  A recognized leader in the community, Virginia is an advocate for eliminating health and financial disparities while encouraging diversity. Virginia also lead service delivery planning in the closure and contracting of hospitals which lead to the creation of Centers of Excellence. 

Virginia helped launch a new Medicare Advantage plan with services for Medicare and Medicaid members for a six hospital health system. She also created a nationally recognized award winning brand enhancing the mission and goals of a multi-hospital health system.

Virginia is responsible for leading teams in large scale multi-year projects and program management across healthcare systems. She possesses a detailed knowledge of all medical specialties, health systems, regulatory state and government agencies and operations (hospitals, labs and clinics). Virginia has direct experience working in a matrix organization coordinating strategic initiatives across disciplines with IT, physicians and health plans. Virginia is a skilled hospital/clinical operations strategic planner and project manager responsible for budgets in excess of 10 million dollars. 

Virginia continues to plan and implement new technologies partnering with clinical professionals in hospitals and medical centers to improve the health outcomes of patients while elevating the satisfaction of employees, patients, and their families. She supports the strategic alignment of business plans with the healthcare delivery system, improving processes and identifying areas of improvement that save thousands of dollars.

Current Engagements

In addition, VBurchett is engaged with clients implementing a variety of state and national initiatives and public policy that includes ACL and reforming behavioral and medical health outcomes for seniors, children and the most vulnerable populations in America.

Drawing on her experience of EHR's and Medical Technology, Virginia provides consultation to a variety of healthcare technology and medical services companies in the implementation of new and existing products and services that support patient engagement modalities, wellness, population health, transitional care and disease prevention. A Masters degree in public health with an emphasis in disease prevention gives Virginia the necessary clinical knowledge to review and build programs that are patient-centered and physician friendly. 

Under Virginia's leadership, VBurchett Consulting engages with a number of organizations, some of which are ongoing. These organizations include Advanced Tissue, Anne Arundel County Department of Public Health, Eiger Healthcare, ScribeAmerica, CareThrough, LivWell Health, Ideal Life, Monocle,  Holy Cross Health, MD Revolution, Centro, ThoroughCare, Eiger Healthcare, Inc., Hopewell Group,  Pratter US,  just to name a few.


Bonnie Rose

Chief Compliance and Relationship Officer of VBurchett Consulting, Bonnie provides strong strategic vision and direction of operations including staff in patient engagement centers, sales, and account management teams. Responsibilities include identifying sustainable and actionable service lines, creating and building high performing teams and providing C level leadership to define value proposition within complex health care matrices.

Bonnie has an extensive background in the health care industry. Her career has spanned decades as director of a performance improvement company that provided cost and clinical resource management, supply chain/revenue cycle management solutions, change management consulting, and data driven analytic solutions across the continuum of care.  During her long tenure with a hospital association, she was instrumental in identifying and facilitating solutions to address the most challenging clinical, financial, and operational issues.

She has health leadership roles in startups and created processes for clinical/non-clinical protocols and performance analyses, and is a Subject Matter Expert on new technology used to enhance patient outcomes, key performance indicators, managed care, value-based medicine initiatives, regulatory compliance, MACRA/MIPS, billing/coding, and documentation.   
Known for her keen understanding of hospital contracting, Bonnie's consistently defines and optimizing client and patient engagements, EMR integrations, care management protocols, and API/data mapping. As a respected healthcare executive, she's worked across the continuum of care driving patient engagement and supported/trained providers to deliver care while exceeding patient quality measures.   

Bonnie has also served as an expert on fiscal provisions of managed care agreements and defined/lead resolution processes with providers and health plans to address system-level claims operations issues. She has also designed/implemented operational models and structures to reduce costs, improve quality and enhance service. In addition, Bonnie has identified process improvement challenges and implemented lean process improvement and analytics scoreboard to improve patient flow and operational inefficiency.

As a member of the Executive team of VBurchett, Bonnie assists in designing and building infrastructure that leads to the successful integration of technology, sales, operations, client services, and patient care. As such, Bonnie is directly responsible for sourcing, recruiting and training staff, clinical operations, sales, and channel partners and creating curricula and training modules for the team.

She holds both a BS in Business and a Master of Science Degree in Management from Albertus Magnus College in New Haven, Connecticut.


Christina Min, MS MIS

Chief Technology Advisor of VBurchett Consulting, Christina advises on setting technical vision and leading technology development across all product lines. Her responsibilities include developing strategic plans and setting timelines for evaluation, development, and deployment of all technical services while ensuring technology standards and best practices are met. 


Christina has large and complex data warehousing experience as an IT consultant on multiple projects including Financial Services, Insurance and Health, and Life Science industry. She has worked on all phases of the software development life cycle from requirements to development, testing and support. Christina has a strong background in analysis, design, development, and testing of new applications. 

Education and Certifications

Masters in Management Information Systems at Indiana University Kelley School of Business.  

Architectures: Data Warehousing, ETL

Business Systems: Health Care Claims/Member/Provider/Products processing, Health Care Interface files to New York State Department of Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Ingenix, Health Dialog.

Databases: Teradata, Oracle, DB2

ETL Tools: Ab Initio, Informatica

Languages: SQL, Unix Korn shell scripting


Jacob Neal

VP of Advertising for VBurchett Consulting, Jacob Neal oversees all areas of marketing, with a focus on automation and engagement, to organizations around the world. Based out of Oxfordshire,  UK, Jacob has held executive positions in multiple, international organizations throughout his career where he has continually provided results for his clients, continuing to grow this impact through efficiency in workflows, operations, and processes. 

Jacob is directly responsible for all areas of marketing, with a focus on automation and engagement, to organizations around the world. Through a deep understanding of the essence of marketing, as an asset across all areas of an organization, Jacob assists the executive team in developing and securing long term opportunities that provide unmeasurable ROI for those ready to seize them. Working alongside VBurchett's partners and clients, Jacob enhances efficiencies within the organizations and within the service they provide.

Through an introduction into US Healthcare Industry Jacob quickly developed an interest in the industry and the opportunities to enhance care for patients. Through identifying more efficient operations that provide a higher level of care for patients, Jacob has had a positive impact on the general standard of care. including returns, through the generation of opportunities, that surpass the normal scope. 

Associates and Partners


Bill Hennessey, MD

Bill Hennessey, MD, is the CEO and Founder of Pratter and Cost Plus Quality, a medical cost savings and transparency company.  Dr. Hennessey is both an MD and a serial entrepreneur, a practicing physician for 25 years, founder of a medical billing company and the son of a C suite hospital executive. 

Bill's passion is to fight for everyone to have affordable access to medical care.  Dr. Hennessey has been front line in the trenches to bring this one-of-a-kind reality. Pratter aspires to help millions save billions on medical care and create affordable access to care for all working Americans. 


Gloria Brogan, PhD, CPC, CCS, CPMA, ACS-AN

President and Owner of Recovery Specialist, Inc. and Coding and Consulting, Inc., Gloria Brogan provides medical billing and collection services to VBurchett clients. After a career in nursing, Dr. Brogan decided to advance her opportunities in the financial side of medicine.  With over thirty years in the field, she uses her knowledge and expertise to create a customized financial platform for doctors and healthcare practitioners to assure the financial success of the practice.  Using her team of certified professional coders and medical claims specialists along with an experienced group of medical collectors, Recovery Specialist, Inc. has helped many physicians and group practices across all specialties to create a process of clean claims billing and tenacious follow-up tracking every level of adjudication and appeal to assure your practice of fair and equitable payment of medical claims.

Aligned closely with VBurchett's mission and values, Recovery Specialist provides medical billing and collection services tailored to meet the complex and ever-changing healthcare industry requirements medical practitioners face on a day-to-day basis when managing their finanices. Together, we are committed to maintaining excellence, respect and integrity in all aspect of our operations and business conduct. We strive to set the industry standard for the medical bililng and collection services by consistently producing superior operating results and providing a h igh level of customer satisfaction.

We look forward to serving you.




Josh Bardsley

Founder and CEO of multiple technology and service companies, Josh Bardsley is a gifted entrepreneur with experience building multi-national companies and Avalanche Enterprise. Josh is an accomplished expert in the areas of  strategy, communications, and marketing and an adviser to the team of VBurchett Consulting.

Avalanche is currently serving over 70 clients in 7 different countries. In his role as CEO, Josh provides key leadership and strategy in the development of large-scale marketing plans that includes the unification and expansion of services. The agency works with clients on communications and marketing efforts that create long-term brand equity as well as the consistent generation of new business.

Avalanche is honored to be the preferred partner of marketing for some of the worlds top franchises and focuses on helping large-scale organizations de-scramble their outbound communication to their customers.

Avalanche provides the following services:

  • Initially review & measure all current outbound, inbound and management focused marketing strategies including impression rates, engagement rates and the conversion rates of those to the acquisition. If the client is launching a new product, the target market will be analysed and competition reviewed to understand target rates for the initial testing period.
  • Review the brand's current social selling index which will look at the client and their teams professional brand, their targeting ability, their current engagement levels with the customer and their ability to build an ongoing relationship with the customer
  • Initial numbers will be used to develop the marketing plan which will be built and reviewed on a quarterly basis.
  • Strategies will be provided and budgets suggested by the client's goal. These will include graphics changes and strategies Avalanche will be able to provide for the client. Avalanche.
  • Avalanche will manage the accountability of the plan and work with the client and their teams to create marketing strategies that will continually improve.

Avalanche has a proven track record of de-scrambling an organizations marketing and helping them to create profitable plans and launch new products without wasting capital on high-cost agencies and people that do not create tangible results.


Dan Godla

Founder and CEO of ThoroughCare, Dan is an IT professional with 14 years of experience exclusively in Healthcare Information Technology (HCIT).  Dan has a proven track record of creating innovative software solutions, leading project teams and working with stakeholders to ensure critical deadlines. As both an entrepreneur and IT professional, he takes a creative hands-on approach to finding and developing technical solutions. 

Dan began working in the healthcare industry for Philadelphia based MEDecision in 2005.  As Technical director for the Medical Services Department, Dan worked closely with Doctors and nurses, discovering important issues in the healthcare industry which didn't have adequate software solutions.  This led Dan to start ThoroughCare in 2013.

Currently living in Pittsburgh, PA.  Dan received his Bachelor of Science degree in Management Information Systems from the Pennsylvania State University and his Master's degree from California University of Pennsylvania.


Mike Cadger, MBA

Founder and CEO of Monocle Health Data, Mike's executive leadership includes roles as a PwC Partner as well as CEO/CFO of insurers and health systems. Currently, Mike is also Chief Medical Analytics and Referral Optimization Adviser to VBurchett Consulting.

Throughout his career, he's been a healthcare innovator including developing the first hospital rate placement/product line profitability software, the first Centers of Excellence networks, the first custom PPO networks for large employers and now the first comprehensive, truly independent healthcare price and quality transparency solution. 

He served many Fortune 500 companies and is a noted leader in developing innovative products that ultimately become industry-leading standards. Mike holds a BS with Honors in Finance from the University of Tennessee and an MBA in Health Care Management from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. 

Mike served as Vice Chair of the Grady Health Foundation and on the Finance and Development Committees during the recent turnaround of the Henry W. Grady Health System. He is also active in healthcare IT work force economic development initiatives for the state of Georgia and is the Chair of the Healthcare IT Public Policy Subcommittee at the Metro Atlanta Chamber. 


Carl Edgecombe, M.S., G.C.D.F., C.W.D.P.

Coming from a background in Law Enforcement, Carl Edgecombe’s shift into career services/ workforce development was inspired by a student while he worked as a Residence Hall Director at SUNY Oswego. His expertise spans the Caribbean, England and the United States of America. Currently, he serves Anne Arundel Workforce Development Corporation as a Center Manager and Career Coach. 

Carl has held positions of Workforce Trainer, Career Coordinator, Job Developer, Program /Academic Advisor, and Adjunct Faculty.  Carl also supported student services as a club advisor and mentor during his tenure in higher education. His commitment to client success yielded two nominations for “The Endowed Teaching Chair Award” at Broward College. 

Whether facilitating a class of 30 participants, managing a residential facility with over 400 occupants, directly supervising 40 staff members or providing relevant career guidance to individuals and groups of dislocated workers, Carl has demonstrated effective leadership. 

After 10 plus years of building his skills, proposing money saving initiatives for reform and making significant contributions to organizations and communities by motivating a broad demographic to achieve academic, personal and professional success he is ready for career advancement and an entrepreneurial role where ever the undertaking may be. 

In November 2018, Carl published his first book “Life Is Not All About Work.” www.careerchoiceonline.com.


Master Career Specialist, Author, Workforce Trainer, Educator, Résumé Writer, Career Coach

Certified Workforce Development Professional (CWDP) and advocate for job seekers

Holds active memberships in the National Career Development Association (NCDA) the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals (NAWDP) and the Professional Association of Résumé Writers (PARW). 


Larry Laskin

Founder and Partner of MCR Financial since 1994,  Larry Laskin has proven his ability to build relationships through collaborations and partnerships within the healthcare and overall insurance industry. 

As an insurance professional, Larry and his team at MCR Financial pride themselves on operating a business with the utmost integrity – a testament to how Larry has retained relationships with his clients for over twenty years.  Larry negotiates, communicates and delivers cost effective health benefits programs for a multitude of organizations, including one of the largest hospitals in the DC region. At that hospital, his team designed and implemented an outcomes based wellness program by identifying areas of plan improvement ultimately saving their client hundreds of thousands of dollars. This was done in partnership with the client and the health plan while directly improving the health and well-being of the employees. 

Larry and his team service groups as small as two and as large as 3,600 employees. Putting client interests and goals first, Larry works closely with group clients to help identify the shortcomings in their group plans. For example, he implemented strategies to close the gap for highly paid employees and executives that are inherent in group long-term disability plans.

With Larry and MCR Financial, you can be sure that their business is large enough to be able to handle even the most difficult situations, but not too large where their clients do not get the attention they deserve. 

Education & Recognition

Graduated Magna Cum Laude Smith Business School University of Maryland, College Park, MD   

Life Member of Leaders Club New England Financial

Consistently in top 5% of all disability insurance sales for Guardian Life

Vast experience in taxation and preparation since 1978

Executive Leadership Committee Holy Cross Hospital 


Thu Stubbs

The founder of Technology Science Corporation (TSC), Thu Stubbs  specializes in providing Program Management I.T. Services, and Audio-Visual/ Video-Teleconferencing services in support of Federal Agencies, State and Local government.  With over 30 years experience in Information Technology, Thu began her career beginning as an U.S. Army Communications Officer in support of NATO’s Pershing nuclear missiles and continued with large federal defense integrators. 


TSC is an SBA certified 8(a), Verified Service-Disabled Veteran Owned (SDVO), Economically-Disadvantaged Woman-Owned Small Business (EDWOSB), minority Small Disadvantaged Business and Department of Defense cleared.  

Technology Science Corporation

TSC’s approach is to provide high quality, practical, and creative solutions which keeps pace with state of the art technology, limited budgets, and tight deadlines.  Past performance included SOCOM Pentagon, Federal Reserve Board, DISA, Food & Drug Administration, Veterans Affairs, Defense Healthcare Agency and Fairfax County.  TSC’s goal is to provide high quality, creative, best value solutions which keep pace with state of the art technology, limited budgets, and tight deadlines.  We provide innovative turnkey solutions which focus on improving efficiency and cost savings.   TSC offers big corporation experience with small business attention to detail, superior customer service and precision execution. TSC is an SBA certified.

Team TSC’s culture believes in community service and hosts an Annual James Bond 007 Black Tie Black Tie to honor individual Wounded Warriors/ WWII Heroes in collaboration with MD and VA Governor’s Offices and VIP and NFL celebrities. Over 500 Guests attend and net proceeds are donated to a different veteran beneficiary every year.  TSC employees volunteer to organize this veterans gala.  

Education & Accomplishments

Ms. Stubbs is a proud veteran, single mother of two, mentors Wounded Warriors, and performs community service with Lakota Missions at Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, SD. She was a finalist in 2017 Heroines of Washington, 2013 MEA’s 25 Influential Women Award and awarded MOWW’s Silver Patrick Henry Medallion for patriotic achievement.  Ms. Stubbs was a Scholastic Achievement Scholarship recipient; John Hopkins Army ROTC;  B.A in Biology from University of MD; Darden Executive Leadership Program, University of VA; M.B.A. from Averett and highest DoD security clearance.  Her military profile is featured on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB).  

For more information, visit TSC website: TechSciCorp.com.  


Kenneth Becker, MPP

Based in Washington, D.C. and West Chester, PA, Ken is currently the President of Becker Healthcare & Public Affairs. a strategic healthcare and public affairs consulting firm. 

In June of 2014, Becker Public Affairs partnered with The JMG Group LLC to work with community-based health care organizations to develop effective systems of care that meet the needs of DoD and VA patients; allow for easy referrals from VA and TRICARE prime contractors to community based providers; and ensures seamless communications and data transfers in compliance with VA and TRICARE program requirements. 

Ken has more than 25 years of expertise in and knowledge of the internal and external workings of the full healthcare continuum, and has enjoyed a history of success; building connections, shaping policy, and designing, managing and advancing complex business, legislative, advocacy and regulatory affairs solutions for health care organizations at the local, state and federal levels.  

Most recently, Ken served as the senior government affairs and development officer for a large multi-state health care system. There he provided leadership developing, managing, and advancing system-wide advocacy, philanthropic, and fund development strategies. During his 13 year tenure Ken successfully: led the system-wide strategy that resulted in garnering more than $33 million in grants; advocated to change federal policy allowing physicians to care for a greater number of patients in recovery programs; advocated for the creation of a CMS demonstration for skilled nursing facilities, maintaining an organization’s exemption from the new Medicare PPS system for 10 years; advocated to implement The Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) program in New Jersey, Alabama, and Delaware; opposed the State of New Jersey’s Medicare 1115 waiver protecting PACE; and partnered with other large health systems to advocate the inclusion of a Medicare add-on for new technologies.


From 1994 to 2010, Becker served as the national grassroots director for the American Hospital Association. There he developed and implemented AHA’s advocacy campaign “Real Pain for Real People” focused on the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 and “Giveback I and II” campaign which was highlighted in the Wall Street Journal and Modern Healthcare as a model advocacy program. 

Ken also led the development and implementation of the AHA’s “Partnership for Action” national grassroots program, leading the AHA’s pioneering initiative using technology in advocacy campaigns. Previously, he worked as the director for federal affairs for the New Jersey Hospital Association.


Ken earned his master’s degree in public policy from American University in Washington, D.C., and his Bachelors of Arts in political science from Colorado College in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He serves as a member of the Board of Trustees for the Brattleboro Retreat and is a resident of West Chester, Pennsylvania. 

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