Pharmacogenomics Testing


The Opportunity

With the completion of the Genome Project in 2003, a new and exciting World of Genetics were introduced to benefit the medical community in ways that have only been recently discovered.  The most promising of them all, is called Pharmacogenomics (PGx) often considered, "The Great New Wave" in medicine, promising better, safer, and more affordable healthcare.

The Solution

Many providers have no idea the benefits of this relatively new and fully reimbursed service. VBurchett has entered into a arrangement to provide information and customized implementation services for our clients that is completely free of charge allowing for quick integration into clinic workflows. Because we partner with the premier supplier of pharmacogentic testing, we can assist the smallest or largest practices with every aspect of building a complete program that ensures high satisfaction of patients and staff. 

Advanced Testing

At VBurchett, we have multiple offerings that cover a diverse range of specialties. However, there is one offering that we are particularly passionate about and that is our Pharmacogenomic test. Pharmacogenomics is the study of how genes affect a person's response to drugs.

With a simple noninvasive check swab we are able to help medical professionals and their patients come up with a drug regimen that will specifically work for them based on their genetic makeup. A blueprint that will show how each individual patient will metabolize the drugs they are prescribed. Having this test performed will help a doctor prescribe the right drug, at the right dose, the very first time. It is our mission to drastically reduce the number of adverse drug reactions that happens every single day.

The Need

The FDA's goal is to eventually require pharmacogenomics testing for prescribing medications.

  1. Requirement - Many drugs already require testing in order to prescribe. The FDA has already made pharmacogenomics testing a requirement for over 250 drugs on the market. There are over a thousand drugs in testing currently, and tens of thousands of drugs scheduled to be tested.
  2. Action - After testing, medication therapy must be adjusted based on genetics. Of the drugs that currently require pharmacogenomics (drug on gene) testing, a considerable amount of actions must be taken by the physician to adjust medication therapy accordingly.
  3. Risk - The FDA has shifted blame to the unknowing physician. By the FDA making it a requirement to conduct pharmacology on all drugs and biologics for human consumption, the risk is being passed from drug companies to the unknowing physician

The Takeway

By NOT offering testing, many times a practice may be committing medical malpractice without even knowing it. The cost of implementing a pharmacogenic's testing program is nothing yet the reimbursement for the practice is staggering. Even more important, is the overwhelming value the program brings to patients, their families and the community.

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Together, we can save lives one test at a time.

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Pharmacy Rebate Program


Healthcare Market Opportunity

An estimated 25% of a drug’s wholesale acquisition cost will be comprised of manufacturer rebates, most of which will go unclaimed. Altogether, rebates represent $77 billion of $310

billion in annual drug spend in the US.

Because of fluctuating rebate levels, types, and opportunities, many healthcare providers have limited oversight into their overall rebate capture opportunity. 

A survey of twenty-five (25) healthcare entities found that 100% were unaware of the new rebates were available to them.


Our program is different than discount programs, such as discount coupons or the 340B program. The program is based on a data analytics platform which has partnered with leading benefit managers,  such as Optum, and stays constantly up to date with the latest rebates. Rebates are available for a wide range of retail, specialty, outpatient and inpatient medications, and provides an additional revenue stream.

Performance & ROI

Processing prescriptions through the Rebate Management Platform will ensure that all possible

rebates associated with eligible prescriptions are captured.

On average, our rebate program can provide rebates of 18% of pharmacy spend, received

within 3 weeks of submitting the requisite data.

Example Historical Analysis

Performance Estimate based on Historical Data, indexed to 10,000 prescription claims


How To Get Started

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